Jenny Beans! (sp41phelps) wrote in addicted2marco,
Jenny Beans!


Hiya! I'm new here to this Marco community, I just joined like...ten seconds ago, but I'm going to give a small little tid bit bout myself.

I'm Jen, I'm 15 and I'm soooooo in love with Marco/Adamo.

I'm currently writing a spinner/marco (yeah, intersting pairing eh?) ficlet if anyone wants to read it then you can drop me an e-mail at if you want to. (I've only got 2 chapters typed up so far, but they're long!)

And this is for everyone who is living in america, you should all go to this LJ cut thingie...

Because George bush is trying to take gay/lesbian/bi people out of the media, and that would probably mean we won't get to see Marco and Dylan's first kiss again, but if you check out the LJ entry above ^^^ and help me reach to 200 signatures then that would be great!

Erg...feel bad that I dont' have a marco picture at hand...

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